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Levis Waterless Jeans


Levis Waterless Jeans

Levis Waterless Jeans.

Levi’s is has dropped another jeans, known as Levi’s Waterless jeans.

Did you know the average pair of jeans uses 42 litres of water in the finishing process? Levi’s hopes to significantly reduce the excess water usage in manufacturing by 96% (1 1/2 litres) using new processes such as removing water from the stone wash and using ozone machines to clean fabric without a wash cycle.

This new Waterless line feature key styles such as the 501 and 505 that were created using these new processes.

By Spring 2011, Levi’s will have over 1.5 million Waterless jeans for sale, saving a total of 16 million gallons of water.

In addition to saving water, the company’s changes could also save suppliers cash–using less water means using less energy, which in turn cuts down on electricity bills.

The company hopes that other jeans manufacturers learn from its example. “This won’t be a proprietary formula. We’re talking to companies doing similar things, Benander says.

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