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Channel O August highlights

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Channel O August highlights

Channel O

The O-Sessions – Slikour
Thursday, 4 August at 19:00

Following on from the likes of TKZee, Pro and Jozi, O-Sessions now features Slikour in yet another great interactive show that sees real fans get to hear about the songs that their local heroes have released over the years.

Split Second – Ciara
Episode 1
Thursday, 4 August at 18:30

The American songbird is the subject of this multi-part series that gets under the skin of a star as they travel through new countries. This time Ciara is up-close as she visits South Africa and Mozambique.

HeadRush: Khuli Chana
Saturday, 6 August at 10:00

South African born and Mmabatho bred, Khuli Chana is a talented musician who practices the skill of rhyming in vernacular rap. Catch him on HeadRush where he talks about being the MotswakOriginator.

Kasi 101: Fresh and Euphonik
Sunday, 7 August at 13:00

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