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Tonight: Blame it on fame Episode 11


Tonight: Blame it on fame Episode 11

Who says only men get up to mischief on a night out?

The Twinz and their friends show just how mischievous they can be when the men are away and the ladies want to play.

After all, girls just wanna have fun! It’s Hlelo and Stevel’s third date on Stevel’s birthday and Hlelo has organised for them to go rowing…ah, how romantic, while Ntando gets a cocktail-mixing lesson but with an obvious talent for more of the tasting than flairing…. Hlelo calls in professional actors to help improve her acting skills and Ntando is feeling a little nervous when she arrives at her first casting in the hope of being booked for the job.

Tonight: Blame it on fame Episode 11

Blame it on fame

Blame It On Fame Mondays at 8:30, exclusively on

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