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Vuzu’s new reality TV Show: Forever Young

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Vuzu’s new reality TV Show: Forever Young

Vuzu’s brand new homegrown show takes reality television into a totally new realm – one where big dreams, leaps of faith, inspiration, aspiration, and the pursuit of personal success are the point of everything!

Titled Forever Young – with the tagline ‘Get Busy Living’ – the show follows a trio of young South Africans determined to follow their hearts and live in the moment in pursuit of their (big) dreams!

Lungile Radu, Thomas Gumede, Siyabonga Ngwekazi

Lungile Radu, Thomas Gumede, Siyabonga Ngwekazi

That trio are Lungile Radu, Siyabonga Ngwekazi and Thomas Gumede who first entered the hearts and lives of Africans as part of the Channel O team, earning him the enduring nickname “Lungsta”.

“In keeping with our payoff line – ‘get busy living’ – the show aims to encourage people to pursue their ambitions so that they can eventually realise their dreams,” adds Radu.

For Ngwekazi, the chance to do something more meaningful through entertainment was something he could not refuse. “I hope the show exposes, inspires and even upsets people. I want to shake the minds of the young and old folk of South Africa,” says Siya.

Gumede says Forever Young has taught him to ‘roll with the punches’. “Forever Young has proved to me that all you need is a dream and a team and you can make anything happen. Get busy living.”

Forever Young is not just a TV show. It’s about the journey to success. It’s about leaping off a cliff, knowing you will survive. It’s about overcoming obstacles as young people in the 21st century and getting on with those closest to you. It’s about being creative and finding your way. And it’s coming to you.

Get Busy Living with Forever Young on Friday, 9 March at 19:00 – ONLY on Vuzu

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