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8ta extends Midnight Surfer usage time


8ta extends Midnight Surfer usage time

Local mobile operator 8ta announced on Monday, 02 April that their Midnight Surfer usage time-frame would be extended by an extra hour, and will now be called Night Surfer. The previous usage time-frame for Midnight Surfer was from 00:00 (midnight) till 5:00 (5am), and from today the new usage time-frame would be from 23:00 (11pm) till 5:00 (5am).



“We analysed our network load curves during the course of the day and have decided that we do have capacity at 23h00 to cater for increased network utilisation without compromising the user experience. This is a case of passing the benefit back to the customer.” says Amith Maharaj, Senior Managing Executive at Telkom Mobile

The Night Surfer is available as part of 8ta’s promotional data bundles which includes: 2GIG + 1GIG Promo offer, 60GIG + 60GIG Promo offer and Internet 5 Promo’s Midnight Surfer Bundle option.

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