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Two contestants leave Masterchef SA

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Two contestants leave Masterchef SA

The two of the country’s top amateur chefs left  MasterChef SA at the end of last night’s episode  as they were eliminated by the judges.

Namibian advertising executive Fortune Kangueehi was the first to leave Masterchef SA followed by Capetonian panel beater Charles Canning.

Masterchef SA

As the remaining 16 contestants gathered in front of the judges, still reeling from the surprise result, Benny issued a warning: “You can never ever take anything for granted in MasterChef South Africa. Be the best or go home.”

Next week on MasterChef South Africa: In the first team challenge, some esteemed guests decide which team’s food is best. The losing team is forced to make a difficult choice and guest chef, Coco Reinharz, reveals a dish that will stretch them to their limits.

Catch MasterChef SA on M-Net and M-Net HD on Tuesdays at 19:30.

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