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CD REVIEW: Lulu Dikana – This is the Life (2011)


CD REVIEW: Lulu Dikana – This is the Life (2011)

An encounter with Lulu will etch in your memory of her a tall, imposing and enchanting presence filled with a free spirited existence and assertiveness. Spend a little time with her and you will grasp her inspired existence.
Born in Port Elizabeth,she has a rich heritage of music blood in her family,her late father was a drummer and her sister,Zonke is one of South Africa’s loved songstresses..

Lulu Dikana - This is the Life (2011)

Her travails in the music scene are well documented, from the time she released her first work ‘My diary, my thoughts’ arguably one of the finest works in the world of soul music. Critics will agree that any soul music lover just has to have the first single of the album “Life and death’ in their top 10 tracks of all time. Yet due to her travails and other factors the song and album remain relatively obscured.

This irrepressible singer with a gruff and yet smooth voice that is distinctively Lulu, is back with her second offering thoughtfully entitled ‘This is the life’, sharing the source of her immense inspiration. Listen and you will be lifted.

Lulu proclaims that in ‘This is the life’ her essence is captured in both lyrical content and sound.

Ask her how she describes her music and she instantly answers “old school soul”, and ask her what her belief is and she assertively answers “born again”.

When it comes to purity in soul music no one comes closer to touching distance than Lulu, she takes you back to the heartland of soul music, and even further to its roots: gospel.

Soul, as is widely accepted, is an infusion of gospel, rhythm and blues with secular lyrics. Lulu takes it to the very beginning yet remaining modern in her delivery.

If you tend to have a déjà vu of the Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and Gladys Knight era while your soul is immersed in this one, perhaps it’s because those are her influences.



ARTIST: Lulu Dikana
TITLE: This is the Life
RELEASE DATE: 16 December 2011


  1. Introduction
  2. He Loves Me
  3. Saviour
  4. Keep Moving
  5. Number 1
  6. No Other Life
  7. This is the LIfe
  8. Voice of love
  9. Walking Miracle
  10. The Season
  11. Love it was You
  12. You’ve been good
  13. Bring the Children

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