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Moshito calling for Musicians & Industry experts for the 9th Annual Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition


Moshito calling for Musicians & Industry experts for the 9th Annual Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition

Moshito is calling for musicians and industry experts to participate in the ninth annual Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition from 5 to 7 September at the Sci-Bono centre in Newtown, Johannesburg. As the premier music conference and exhibition in Africa, Moshito programmes its conference with invaluable insights emanating from at home, across the continent and globe.

Moshito calling for Musicians & Industry experts for the 9th Annual Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition

The music industry, both at a global and domestic level, is experiencing extraordinary transformation. Factors such as globalization, mergers and acquisitions, competition from traditionally non-music companies, and technological innovation are forcing companies to re-think and re-align their business strategies. To this end, Moshito’s annual conference programme offers credible business intelligence on pressing international and national issues, allowing members of the South African music industry to make informed business decisions.

Performance showcases, in addition to the daily conference and exhibition proceedings, form an integral part of Moshito Music Conference & Exhibition. The introduction of day-cases at Moshito 2012 will provide a stage for up-and-coming bands while professional evening showcases will take place at a number of venues in the Newtown area.

To seize this opportunity to perform in the presence of producers, festival programmers, record companies and many other industry executives, bands and musicians are invited to submit the following materials:

– Biography and contact details
– A minimum of three songs on DVD/video and CD
– Links to Youtube or other music sites
– Contact details for the band/musician/manager
– Two photographs

Submission must be forwarded to [email protected] and delivered or posted to the Moshito office:

10 Henry Nxumalo Street

Please note that the Moshito Showcase Committee has the final say about which groups will form part of the official showcase. The deadline for all submissions is 30 June. For further information, please contact the Moshito office on 011 838 9145.

Moshito is also calling for industry experts to submit papers for possible inclusion in the conference, which will incorporate a range of themes including:
– Socio-economic development (e.g. social security for artists, the rights and status of artists, performers, composers, policy development, SME development, skills development);
– Industry challenges (e.g. licensing, piracy, copyright laws);
– New markets (exploring a ‘how to’ for our artists and products to energise national, continental, international, digital and performance circuits and linked events);
– Technology (investigating the latest trends in technology available to operators in the music industry, honing in on how these can benefit artists, musicians and SMEs);
– Live music (establishing and/or enhancing performance circuits through festival and live venue circuits for the benefit of our artists).

Papers should be submitted to [email protected] by no later than 30 June.

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