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RJ Benjamin to Audition Singers


RJ Benjamin to Audition Singers

Renowned vocalist, songwriter and producer RJ Benjamin who is about to release his latest studio offering and final album, ‘Inside’, whilst producing Kelly Khumalo’s fifth studio album and penning new material for artist such as Lira, Sindi Nene and Tshedi, says he will never let go of his passion to develop South Africa’s future stars.

RJ Benjamin

“S.A. music has come a long way, it’s now time that we reveal to the world the Jennifer Hudsons and John Legends hiding right under our noses,” Benjamin says. R.J. will soon be sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with singers at The Victory Theatre in Houghton. He is currently auditioning singers to take part in an eight-week development program called ‘Born to Sing,’ commencing on 11 June.

The program, which will be presented once a week in the evenings, is aimed at vocalists who are serious about sustaining a career as either a lead, backing or session singer. The focus of the course is to improve the overall standard of live and recorded vocals in South Africa. “We have a lot of great singers in our country, but they seem to lack stamina” says Benjamin who has coached the voices of award-winning singers like Danny K, Vicky Sampson and vibrant newcomer, Toya Delazy.

“With the growing demand internationally for our singers, we need to step up our game as excessive touring and studio work can be strenuous on the voice. There is no better place to start than learning good technique,” Benjamin advises. Advanced vocal workouts and rigorous ear training exercises all form part of this program, which he tailored especially for the S.A. music industry. Two sessions will be taught in a professional recording studio, where RJ will share his years of experience as both singer and producer.

For auditioning dates, contact Fiona on 0790839723 or email [email protected].

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