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SABC1 join forces with Hip-Hop artists to Celebrate June 16


SABC1 join forces with Hip-Hop artists to Celebrate June 16

SABC1 Mzansi Fo Sho has joined forces with a group of creative hip hop artists in the quest to rekindle and celebrate the spirit of the youth of 1976. The campaign to drive this process is dubbed “All I Can Be.”

This youth month campaign will kick off on Friday, 15 June and will translate into three main elements: compiling the song, the cutting of the on-air promos and the production of a music video.

SABC1 join forces with Artists to Celebrate June 16

The collective artists, dubbed “June 16 All Stars” consists of the cream of Mzansi’s hip-hop artists the likes of Amu, Pro, Mr Selwyn, Driemanskap, Nthabiseng, Kabomo, Flabba, TP, and Khanyi & Primus will collaborate to produce and record the song designed to push Mzansi’s youth to greater heights and to generate a spirit of hope in them. The song is titled “All I Can Be”

The shooting of a video, directed by David Phume, will be in keeping with the theme of the 1976 uprisings. It will feature hip-hop artists in a Soweto school near Vilakazi Street where it all began.

The slogan to drive the innovative youth campaign is: “I Rap to the heartbeat of those who spoke (up) before me,” and is meant to inspire and encourage the modern day youth to face their challenges head-on with the view to overcoming them – in the spirit of the youth of 1976.

“The commemoration of June 16 has followed a more or less similar pattern over the years and the majority of our youth were finding it increasingly hard to connect,”

says Dichaba Phalatse, portfolio marketing manager responsible for entertainment.

“We realised that the youth today are exposed to a different set of challenges and we needed to come up with a creative concept to capture the Spirit of 76 and transport it into 2012 to galvanise and inspire the youth of today.”

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