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DJ Zinhle launches a watch brand – Era


DJ Zinhle launches a watch brand – Era

SA number one female disc jockey, TV/Radio personality and Businesswoman Ntombezinhle Jiyane populary known as DJ Zinhle, has just launched her watch brand “ERA”.

An Era is a date or an event forming the beginning of any distinctive period. According to DJ Zinhle, ERA is not just a watch but a message of encouragement to every women about the endless possibilities that exist for them in our times. ERA is a reminder that there is no better time than now to achieve everything you have always dreamed about.

ERA will launch into the market with 3 designs, the Dare, Explore and Dream Edition.

Each edition has different colors to accommodate the different consumer preferences and tastes. Each watch edition carries a different message from the deejay to the consumer.

The DARE range is for the consumer who is not afraid to be different and stand out, someone who dares to make a statement and make it bodly. The message carried by the Dare edition is: “Do it now, do it well, do it for yourself, I dare you.”

The EXPLORE range comes with two interchangeable straps, one, which goes around the wrist 3 times, and another, which goes around once like the ordinary watch, how you wear it is entirely up to you, explore. The message carried by the Dare edition is: I don’t succeed because I am a woman, I succeed because I can, I succeed because it is my time.

The Dream edition is DJ Zinhle’s favorite, “ I love all my babies, but this one was close to heart, something about it just reminds to never stop dreaming”, she says. The dream range has charms, with a whimsical flare. The message carried by the Dare edition is: Your dreams are your responsibility, a step towards your dreams, no matter how small, is progress. Keep Moving.

The watches are mainly for ladies, with the exception of the Dare range which has 4 colours that are unisex, namely, Blue, White, Green and Black.

The watches are available for purchase on DJ Zinhle’s website,

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