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Mawande leaving Generations


Mawande leaving Generations

GENERATIONS actress Nambitha Mpumlwana, known by Mawande is leaving the Soapie #Generations after being on the soap for the past 2 years.

Mawande leaving Generations _

Nambitha confirmed on her Twitter Page @NAMBITHA Tweeting:

Sunday Sun claims that Nambitha was booted from the show for being too “much too handle”, and “the production was left with no choice but to let her go.”

“She was always a problem on set, arriving late and not prepared, which would inconvenience everybody else,” one Generations actor told the Sunday Sun newspaper on condition of anonymity.

The source furthermore said:

“she would not even pitch up for work on some days and it would mess up the whole schedule. She was unprofessional, but because Mawande is a loved character nothing was done.”

Generations’ heavyweight, Mfundi Vundla, confirmed Mawande’s departure.

“Mawande’s story has run its course. Nambitha was cast as Mawande due to her capabilities as an actress. Writing out the character has nothing to do with her talent,” Vundla was quoted as saying.

About two years ago when Mawande was introduced to the storyline, it apparently did not sit well with Sonia Sedibe who played Ntombi Dlomo. After hearing that the new comer Mawande would pocket more money than her, the truth sent shivers down her spine and then decided to quit.

Mawande’s exist point will have her being admitted into a mental hospital for evaluation.

-article sourced.

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