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[SHOCKING E-mail] How Wesbank mistreated Trevor Madondo


[SHOCKING E-mail] How Wesbank mistreated Trevor Madondo

A shocking e-mail on how Trevor Madondo suffered in the hands of Wesbank is apparently going Viral in the country.

The e-mail, in part reveals all the dates, happenings and information on how Madondo was threatened and framed by the bank, supposedly sent by one of the people who were there with him.
The e-mail also makes claims of a recording between a conversation he had with the Wesbank staff when they made these claims. We have decided to upload this e-mail on the occasions leading to up to his arrest.

Please READ and PASS on this email to all your e-mail CONTACTS. This mail contains the real truth about the treatment 27 Year Old budding entrepreneur Mr Trevor Madondo (@TrevorMadondo) suffered at the hands of Wesbank. The document is detailed with everything that happened from day 1 as I was alongside Mr Madondo the whole time. Since Wesbank, together with Botho Molosankwe from The Star Newspaper wrote a damaging report about Mr Madondo based on nothing but speculation without any facts and misleading the country about his character.


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