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SodaStream takes on Big Soda


SodaStream takes on Big Soda

SodaStream has just launched a brave new ad campaign messaging that the age of store-bought and waste-producing soda is nearing its end and that there’s a smart alternative 21st century way of consuming carbonated beverages. The first ad (Human Evolution; Soda Revolution) ran in USA on June 15 with the NewYork Times and an international roll-out to follow. In South Africa the first ad will ran on Sunday Times on June 30.

This campaign follows the brand’s “Game Changer” commercial which was prohibited from airing on CBS during the Super Bowl for being too forward in its attack on competitors. The banned ad was launched on youtube and received close to 5 million hits. You can view it here:

SodaStream’s global CEO Daniel Birnbaum is in Europe next week to meet with the European Union to discuss the Green Paper they are developing outlining public policy challenges posed by plastic waste; Birnbaum’s goal is to have the EU consider pushing for a tax on plastic bottles , SodaStream is not afraid of being controversial.

Recently, the SodaStream Belgium team, in partnership with 5gyres, an environmental activist group, launched a viral with a man who appears to be a prominent federal minister delivering a speech slamming the use of plastic and announcing an increased tax on the troublesome material.

The viral achieved significant media coverage and you can view it here

In May 2013 SodaStream took Coca-Cola’s long standing place as the sponsor of the American Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival. The Pavilion specifically wanted to work with the brand for its green credentials – so they could be plastic bottle and can free.

SodaStream also worked with The Carbon Trust to measure its carbon footprint throughout the lifecycle of its product. That study showed that SodaStream’s footprint was 75% smaller than those of its competitors in the beverage aisle.

SodaStream’s smart, simple soda turns ordinary tap water into sparkling water in seconds, allows you to make your drink exactly as you want (more fizz, less fizz), is the healthier alternative and its reusable BPA-free bottle gives you the chance to live a greener, healthier life, as the bottle can be used over and over again for 3 years.

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