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No Fuss Fizz : The art of making your own soda


No Fuss Fizz : The art of making your own soda

We’re introducing the Nespresso of carbonated drinks, Sodastream. Sexy. Smart. Simple. Soda. Create your own in exactly the way you want it: more fizz – no problem; sweeter – so easy to do; flavourise – in seconds; cocktails – gotcha! And… you can do it using ordinary tap water.

Yes, Sodastream is revolutionizing the way we drink soda water, sparkling water and carbonated drinks. A simple press of a button gives you sparkling water in seconds. Without using electricity or batteries!

Add any one of SodaStream’s 22 tantalisingflavours and you have a tailor-made drink just for you; become the mixologist and create your own signature drink by mixing different flavours and adding fizz. It’s so cool, your home bar will become THE bar.

SodaStream, besides being sexy, fun and delicious, it also contains a 1/3 less sugar than conventional store bought carbonated drinks so it’s seriously good for you. It’s also eco- friendly. Each SodaStream reusable high-strength BPA-free carbonating bottle is estimated to save the environment from 1690 bottles and cans each year, which results in less plastic manufactured, less plastic waste and less transportation of bottled beverages. Even the carbonators that power the soda maker are reusable; when empty, they can be returned to agents to be refilled.

Change to Sodastream – it will not only change the way we consume beverages, it is also eco-tasty, eco-friendly and eco-smart.

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