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kykNET soapie “Villa Rosa” is looking for two new actors


kykNET soapie “Villa Rosa” is looking for two new actors

kykNET soapie Villa Rosa is looking for two new actors to join the show via a search called Sterrejag. The search started in June and has been happening at various ATKV festivals over the past months.

This month the search moves online. Between 1 and 30 November you can enter the search by uploading your audition online.

Who’s the show looking for?

1x adult actor – anyone who isn’t at school from 2014 onwards.
1 x teenage actor – anyone in Grade 8 to 12 in 2014.

The prize

The adult winner will win a role on Villa Rosa for a minimum of three months. (We imagine that this could be extended if the character proves to be successful with audiences).

The teen winner will win a guest role on the show which will be filmed during a school holiday.

Both winners will go through workshops will which cover preparing for a role, acting for the camera and other technical apsects of realising a role.

Both winners will also receive a photo session to have professional photographs taken of themselves for their portfolio.

How to audition

You need to film yourself performing one of the six audition scripts (you’ll find them below).

Once you’ve filmed it, you need to upload it to WeTransfer. com.

Filming your scene

You need to ask someone to help you – you need someone to read the lines of the other character for you.

The camera needs to focus on you.

Introduce your scene by introducing yourself: your name, age and where you are from.

Uploading your scene

Once you have your scene on your computer, go to

Click on “Add Files” and select your audition video.

Under “Friends’ email”, type [email protected].

Under “Your email” type your own address.

Under “Message” write the following: your name, age, hometown and very importantly, your telephone number.

Click “Transfer”.

Audition scenes

Choose one of these scenes to audition with:

Text: Man’s option

Text: Woman’s option

Text: Man or Woman’s option

Text: Teenage girl’s option

Text: Teenage boy’s option

Text: Teenage boy or girl’s option

Extra Tidbits

You’ll find the terms and conditions on the Sterrejag website here: Villa Rosa Sterrejag.

If you have questions you can contact the search at: [email protected]

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