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Khabonina releases the 1st South African Fitness DVD – available from 26 DEC


Khabonina releases the 1st South African Fitness DVD – available from 26 DEC

She’s an actress, musician, award winning dancer, choreographer and dance teacher who has been running her own Dance Fitness School in Johannesburg, South Africa for 8 years now.

Khabonina has travelled the world performing and giving dance classes and workshops to adults and youngsters alike! She’s highly experienced in her field, so you know you’re getting high QUALITY.

Her Passion for life, fitness and health is so charismatic, her Dance School students and clients can’t get enough of her sessions hence for the past 3 years, they’ve been requesting she releases a fitness DVD!
She listened and it’s finally here, “JULUKMENT” (meaning to Sweat).

Contents of the “JulukMent” DVD:

The first part of the DVD shows you how to get Fit in your house, using your home furniture as gym equipment from your bedroom to your lounge not neglecting your dining room and kitchen too!

The second part of the “JulukMent” DVD takes you into the Kha’bodacious Moves Dance Studio, her DANCE world, and she gets down with YOU, teaching you some HOT moves one-on-one while toning your body too!

The third part of the “JulukMent” DVD is where she gives you food options to add to your diet, not stopping you from eating your favourite foods, but giving you some valuable good nutritious healthier options!

There are fun elements on the “JulukMent” DVD like the highly anticipated “Do not try this at home segment” … The Bloopers, Some Hot music video choreography, behind the scenes and MORE!

DECEMBER SPECIAL: R85 PER DVD COPY (including shipping / postage fee) IF you buy 3 or more DVD’S

COST: R150 per copy (including postage / shipping fee)

TO ORDER: – (AVAILABLE FROM THE 26th December 2013 )

(082 932 8609) – & & on iTunes

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