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MUSIC VIDEO: Khuli Chana – Hape le Hape (Part 2)


MUSIC VIDEO: Khuli Chana – Hape le Hape (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Hip Hop classic, Hape Le Hape,sees Khuli Chana blend the best of Kwaito and Hip Hop into one explosive dance floor hitfeaturing Da L.E.S and Magesh of TKZee.

Hape Le Hape Part 2 was shot last week at Prop Stars by Molotov Cocktail who have shot numerous other Khuli Chana videos such as TswaDaar and HazzadazMove.

The track has received rave reviews with the bulk of the sentiment expressing that Part 2 is just as good if not better than the original version, a feat not many people can pull off when remaking a track.

Magesh expressed how refreshing it was to work with Khuli Chana as they had always wanted to “tap dance to a song together”. He acknowledged that Khuli Chana spotted the opportunity with Hape Le Hape Part 2 as a chance to work together and they had lots of fun on set. Magesh went on to further express: “It’s great yet humbling to actually see the younger generation of artists recognising the input we’ve had in the music industry. This song and especially the visuals demonstrate the evolution of sound!”

Da L.E.S also expressed his sentiments about the video saying: “The track and video is a turn-up with two very talented peers! The public is going to be moved and will appreciate the colab… Most importantly it’s as hot as Part 1!”

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