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#yomzansiMAG 1st issue gets over 10 000 downloads


#yomzansiMAG 1st issue gets over 10 000 downloads

Our newly launched free digital magazine – #yomzansiMAG 1st issue has reached over 10 000 downloads. #yomzansiMAG which was launched in March 2014 and released 1st issue on 02 April 2014 is currently the fastest growing entertainment digital mag in SA.

“We are all about premium & exclusive entertainment content and this is just a proof of how quick we can grow this Mag especially with so much people appreciating it , we didn’t think we would see over 10 000 copies downloads on 1st issue” 5@2 Media explained. “We are about to release our 2nd issue which should be available in 2nd week of May , we are just expecting to see the numbers grow on each issue.”

#yomzansiMAG which is released monthly is available free for download on The 2nd issue of the mag will be available from 2nd week of May 2014, with the cover being released on Wednesday, 30 April 2014.

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