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Dlozi’s journey in Brazil ends …….a memorable lifetime experience


Dlozi’s journey in Brazil ends …….a memorable lifetime experience

With Dlozi back from Brazil, our coverage of his trip at the COPA Coca-Cola Camp during the 2014 FIFA World Cup™has come to an end. It has been an interesting programme to be involved in and I can only imagine how eye opening it must have been for the kids who actually went.

Some of Dlozi’s highlights from the COPA Coca-Cola programme include him walking out onto the pitch for the opening match, experiencing the exclusive white party hosted by Coca-Cola®, watching the professionals in action, and being mentored by the world’s best football coaches.

Coca-Cola® didn’t just take these kids to Brazil for a sightseeing trip, but actually got them involved with activities that they will learn and grow from. It’s far more beneficial and a lot more memorable. Who knows, anyone of these youngsters could be the next big name in football. Follow the COPA Coca-Cola Tournament at

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