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Thishiwe Ziqubu, Pallance Dlaldla and Israel Makoe star in a new local film “HARD TO GET”


Thishiwe Ziqubu, Pallance Dlaldla and Israel Makoe star in a new local film “HARD TO GET”

Well if you thought Mzansi film production is not doing good enough, you got it all wrong! Actually 2014 has been a good year so far , mentioning a few “Four Corners” and “iNumber Number”………

Another action-jampacked local film “HARD TO GET” has been the latest talk in local production , The cast list features multi talented Thishiwe Ziqubu, Pallance Dlaldla and Israel Makoe. “HARD TO GET” is an action/ romance film with a handsome young womanizer from a small community who has the world at his feet when he falls for a sexy, reckless young thief. The film will hit local cinemas from 29 August 2014.


When SKIETS, an enigmatic, beautiful stranger walks into small rural
township tavern and demands a beer, TK, a charming local lothario sets
out to seduce her in order to prove his prowess to the locals.
When she spurns his attentions, he falls head over heels for her and
seriously starts to woo her.

However, Skiets is a dark horse and breaks TK’s heart when she returns
to the tavern the next night on the arm of MUGZA, the local hood!
But…when Mugza discovers that Skiets has stolen his car keys and
intends to make off with his most precious possession, he erupts. TK
steps in to defend Skiets and before he knows it he is on his way to
Johannesburg and the bright city lights with her… in the car that
Mugza treasures above all else!

Step in Gumede, a sophisticated, wealthy and dangerous crime lord who
takes them under his wing when Skiets catches his eye. Skiets
recognizes the type and is reticent to accept Gumede’s money but TK is
only too happy to spend it without any thought of the payback that
will inevitably follow.

When Gumede makes a move on Skiets, TK, sick with jealousy, decides to
rob one of Gumede’s own stores and pay him back with his own money.
The action, mystery, love and drama continues…

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