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FNB ordered to withdraw “Steve” advertisements


FNB ordered to withdraw “Steve” advertisements

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered First National Bank to withdraw its ‘Steve’ advertisements as it was harmful to children.

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“The potential harm in the current matter lies in the possibility that children could interpret the advertising to effectively condone ridiculing anybody named Steve merely because of their name,” the authority said in a statement.

It said about 20 complaints were lodged against FNB’s ‘Steve’ campaign which was broadcast on radio and television, and printed on billboards.

The theme for the campaign focused on how people should ‘Un-Steve’ themselves by moving to FNB rather than “suffering the frustrations they currently endure.”

The complainants argued that the campaign was “insulting to any person named Steve as it portrays such people as idiots, boring and dull, which might cause such people to have self-esteem issues.”

They also complained that the campaign could result in children named Steve being bullied.

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