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ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Panache Boyz ; new & fresh house music duo


ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Panache Boyz ; new & fresh house music duo

Panache Boyz is the new, fresh house music duo consisting of DJ MlaMza & DJ Mzu. Although recently merging to start Panache Entertainment, respectively, these DJs have been in the entertainment scene for some time on their individual capacities as Club DJs, Radio DJs & Event Organisers

The Panache Boyz, now a fluent DJ duo, renowned for their enchanting tasteful sets, enjoyed for their track selection and wildly celebrated for their mixing skills have ventured into making music. Their debut single “Dreamer” was a pleasant sing-along club anthem that made it to number 10 on the Yfm Urban Music Chart – “Angel”, the new single is a lot deeper but with a much catchier chorus.

“Angel” is an ode to love mellow house music ballad crafted by the Panache Boyz together with the exceptional songster Cristyle. “Angel” is a warm affectionate supernatural tale based on the magic that comes to light when love meets destiny.

“Angel” is a teaser to the wide array of new music that the Panache Boyz will be releasing this current year, a mellow start to the new year paving way for the up-tempo turn-up joints the DJ duo will drop through the year.

Check out their latest single ft. Cristyle – Angel:

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