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Apply today at Awethu Project to make a great start for your business


Apply today at Awethu Project to make a great start for your business

Have you ever thought about starting your own business?

Are you worried about making expensive mistakes that might jeopardise your savings? Or even worse, place you in debt!

The Awethu Project uses a ground-breaking model to identify high potential individuals that either want to start up businesses, or are currently running businesses, and want to see them grow.

Potential entrepreneurs can be employed full time or part time, they can have a business idea or they do not have to have an idea, but above all: they have to be determined and tenacious – they should have the absolute right attitude to succeed and the rest will follow.

Apply at the following here –


“No one ever learnt how to ride a bike by following instructions on a flip chart!”
If you would like to start up a business that requires R100 000, R1 000 000 or even R5 000 000, we strongly encourage you to hold on to that vision and not give up on pursuing your dream.

However, our Micro Business Incubator provides a platform for individuals who want to be successful entrepreneurs, but realise the importance of upskilling themselves before venturing out into the unfamiliar – and often costly – territory of entrepreneurship.

We provide you with the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience that will enable you to become a successful entrepreneur.

Should you be selected, if you do not already own a business, you will be required to start a micro business in order to remain in the programme.


Even an oak tree has its beginnings in an acorn…
If you’re selected for the Micro Business Incubator, you will join a team of like-minded entrepreneurs looking to upskill themselves on their journey to becoming successful entrepreneurs. In your team, you will work with an Awethu Business Associate who will mentor you during the 24 week Incubation Programme. This programme includes a business course comprised of at least 20 practical business modules that will aid you on your journey to becoming an empowered business owner.

After graduating from the programme, you can use the skills and experience you gained, to replicate or scale your existing business. Or go on to start your dream business, knowing you are equipped to do so.
If you’re currently running a business that is already formalised and employs more than 8 people then you will not gain much from this programme.

NB We’ve been awarded a grant from the Jobs Fund to develop over 1 500 Entrepreneurs by 2017. This grant subsidises your fees which would otherwise be over R45 000!


• Individuals with can-do attitude who want to improve their live by starting or growing their business.
• Passionate individuals that want to learn how to become successful entrepreneurs in a micro business setting.
• Entrepreneurs that are prepared to work hard to get ahead and who see obstacles as opportunities, not barriers.


• The Awethu Incubation process is tough; you should only contemplate joining if you have the following goals in mind:
o You want to grow your business and become successful.
o You want to build a business that will work for you (as opposed to an informal business where you work for your business).
o You want to learn how to formalise your business so that you can access the formal economy.


• During the 24 week programme you will have access to the following:
o Business Skills Training – This Incubation programme is customised to give you the knowledge you need to run a successful micro enterprise. These skills are easily transferable to future business leadership positions.
o Business Tools – As a micro business entrepreneur, you don’t have the budget to spend on tools like expensive accounting packages. We assist by providing you with some of the tools you need to run a successful, formalised micro enterprise.
o Access to Funding –After going through the Incubation process, you will be in a strong position to apply for larger sums of capital from other funders.
o Coaching – You will have a dedicated Business Associate to mentor and advise you as you grow your business.
o An Environment that Breeds Success – The Incubator is a unique, competitive, target-driven environment that will push you to achieve your business goals.

The process is as follows:


• Basic computer skills and access to the internet.
• You need to be able to communicate in English.
• Should you be selected for the Micro Business Incubator:
o You need to be able to meet with your Business Associate weekly during office hours.
o Attendance at weekly training sessions, which last 3 hours, over a 24 week period.


• R500 application fee that will allow you to enter the Awethu Launch Pad (here you will learn how to assess the viability of your business idea, create a business plan and be assessed in order to determine whether you meet our minimum entry requirements).
• If you are accepted into the Incubator after the Launch Pad, we charge R500 for the first 12 weeks.
• Based on your performance during the first 12 weeks, you will progress to the remaining 12 weeks, which will cost a further R500.
• Remember this programme is worth over R45 000.
If you can’t afford the R500 for Launch Pad but would still like to join, we have 100 scholarship positions available. If you’d like the opportunity to earn a scholarship to attend Launch Pad, email the answer to the following question and include your thinking/working:
• How long would it take to wash all of the windows in Alexandra?
Email your answer to before midnight on 22 February to stand a chance to win! We will notify the winners by the end of Tuesday 24 February if your scholarship application is successful. (If we do not email you, you can assume your application was not successful)

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