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INTERVIEW: Paul Modjadji selected for Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative


INTERVIEW: Paul Modjadji selected for Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative

City of Tshwane Ambassador – Paul Modjadji was selected by USA government for President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative(YALI). We caught up with him to chat about the initiative and give us more details: Here is the interview we had with him:

What does this mean to you to be selected selected for President Obama’s Young African Leaders Initiative #YALI ?
It’s truly a big feat for a young dancerpreneur from one of South Africa’s most humbling backgrounds. To live in a time and era where a dancer can be considered as a bright leader is testament to the beauty of the times we live in. I am hugely humbled to be part of President Obama’s flagship programme for Young African leaders, and to be a part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship legacy.

What will be your role in the initiative?
My role as a successful candidate of the Mandela Washington Fellowship is to connect with other African leaders from the continent and to continue to strive to bring about economic and social upliftment for Africa, in my small corner of course. A big part of the MWF is geared towards upscaling and developing Africa’s brightest leaders in order to empower them to continue to do the work they have already began to effect in their countries and continent.

With the support from City of Tshwane & as their official ambassador sure this should be a big a huge achievement even to fly the flag high…?
This is a major victory for the City of Tshwane, our highly esteemed Mayor Kgosientso Ramokgopo and the city have expressed major pride and joy at this achievement. This achievement comes at a time when the City is hard at work with launching a series of youth empowerment initiatives such as Free Wifi and the Tshepo 10 000 initiative, to mention but two, all in line with working towards igniting excellence as we work towards the city’s 2055 vision. So yes, an achievement like this is seen as assurance that the city is well within its right to invest in the youth.

When will you be jetting off to the US ?
I am meant to jet off on the 17th of June 2015. A significant date that speaks to a day that is remarkable in our youth month calendar! So I leave just after we celebrate the remarkable and historical June 16 commemoration.

For the future & coming years will this still be an ongoing relationship?
Yes, the Mandela Washington Fellowship is a continuous programme that encourages all its alumni to continue to work together towards implementing change and solutions for Africa’s progress and development.

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