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INTERVIEW WITH: Fifi Cooper talks new upcoming EP


INTERVIEW WITH: Fifi Cooper talks new upcoming EP

Who is Fifi Copper and when did your love for Motswako begin?
Fifi: 23 year old , Refilwe from Montshiwa, Mafikeng in the north west province, musician father, been singing since 8 years old and rapping since 2008. Love for Motswako started when I saw local artist like HHP and Tuks being taken serious outside of Mafikeng and got facinated by seeing Zulus, Xhosa etc embracing songs and singing along to music in my mother tongue. I then realised the power of hip hop and especially Motswako.

Your style differs with what’s in the Hip Hop genre at moment? Tell us about it, is there something you want to achieve with this?
Fifi: My style does differ with most, its unpredictable, punchy and hearty and the only constant in it is the high quality delivery and well thought-out words. I’m blessed with vocal abilities of a seasoned professional singer and rap skills of a hungry underground rapper who has a point to prove, and the intellect to know where, when and how to fuse the two talents in order to deliver potent music that resonates with whoever I’m targeting.

Who are some the big industry names you have worked with in the past?
Fifi: I worked with Mo Molemi on two albums, Notshi, Towdeemac, Lection and Khuli Chana on an AB Crazy produced track “Mnatebawen” not knowing that history will repeat itself a few years later on “Kisses.

You have recently released a motswako jam ‘Kisses’ with AB Crazy and people are loving it, tell us about the song & how did the collabo happen?
Fifi: The song is about high school love that ended but the effects of still lingers in one’s mind and the description of that feeling. We all have been there, that is the most powerful form of emotion, it is intense, uncontrollable and definitely unforgettable. The team and I thought of a way to talk and appeal to the people who have never heard Fifi Cooper’s music in a way that would be easy to understand, and that’s when the idea to bring AB Crazy on board was born. We knew he would excel at such, based on his track record with easy-to-listen to tracks and he didn’t disappoint. I can be hardcore at times and needed someone who will calm me down and AB Crazy did just that.

You’ve also released the music video for this single which features Maps Maponyane , why him for the lead role?
Fifi: Kisses is a clean song focusing on high school & teenage fantasies and relationship, and at this moment Maps Maponyane ranks very high as a hunk especially at that age group. He has a clean public image and we knew Kisses wouldn’t be associated with negative publicity or perceptions.

With a good response you’re receiving on this single, does this mean we can expect an album soon?
Fifi: We are currently working on an EP as a teaser before the actual album drops. I have a lot to say and in so many different ways and fitting all of them on one album won’t be possible.

Who are some of the artists you would like to work with on your upcoming projects?
Fifi: I’ve learned that classing people will deprive one of great talent so I’m looking for a mixture of both known and unknown talented people either singers, rappers or producers. The unknown guys bring the hunger and determination and the known ones brings experience. Anyone that will motivate me to do my best is a possible Fifi cooper collaborator. The more different and unique they are with their craft the better like Uncle Jimmy Dludlu’s guitar will bring a unique tone and feel to a hip hop beat. Its just an example of how far we can take this hip hop movement of ours and I want to be part of the very few brave one to take it there.

Do you think female rappers are given an opportunity or that exposure especially looking at the growth of local hiphop?
Fifi: Female rappers shouldn’t be given anything they should take it. Hardwork is hardwork to anyone both male and female, we don’t deserve special treatment as ladies in hip hop. How are we going to sustain our success if it was given to us ? The word female should only be relevant in describing our gender and that it, our craft have to be on par with the best of them and our push has to compete at the highest level. We not complaining that females are dominating the R&B and Afropop market why should we complain that guys are dominating Hip hop ?

Nadia Nakai or Gigi Lamayne or Chez Lihipi, who would you put your money on in a rap battle?
Fifi: Gigi Lamayne

So what’s next? Future plans…
Fifi: Now that we have got the SA listeners ears, next we go for their hearts and definitely the charts. We taking to where it should be – no hype, no gimmick just a pure dose of good authentic music straight from the gut and aimed for the hearts.

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