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ShowMax brings the best of local entertainment

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ShowMax brings the best of local entertainment

Running an entertainment site with the freshest news, hottest interviews and latest gossip is no easy task. As a team we meet and discuss our coverage plans for upcoming events and interview opportunities.


But as with any meeting, we sometimes veer off into the odd and random conversation territory. Like the other day, we were arranging our content calendar when someone piped up how this news about Will and Jada and their ‘imminent divorce’ was really spinning out of control. Tabloid trash really. We also started speaking about the countdown to Trevor Noah’s big break in the US with his talk show and that got us thinking about how well South Africans are doing abroad.

So with Charlize Theron winning an Academy Award, Neill Blomkamp and Sharlto Copley making “prawns” popular, Candice Swanepoel being one of the more revered Victoria’s Secret supermodels and of course Bonang “Queen B” Matheba becoming a global ambassador for Revlon, it’s safe to say the South African flag is flying high in the global environment. It also made us think about shows like Nonhle Goes to Hollywood again too and how we’d love to watch that again. Sit down, boom… You remember that one too.

And then we were invited to the launch that would completely tickle that itch, without us even knowing it. Naspers launched its video on demand service this week, called ShowMax. The service offers 1000s of hours of content for consumers to stream, which is absolutely awesome. What makes them different to some of the existing players in the game, and some of the new ones coming in, is that they’re bringing viewers some of the best in local content too. Remember how Top Shayela was THE thing to watch on TV?

Well if you only caught on pretty late, you’ll be able to watch all the episodes whenever you want now. We’re also really excited to relive Nonhle’s journey to Hollywood, and how through that adventure she realised the gold was actually waiting for her in Joziwood. BTW, Nonhle fans can also see her in the hit show, Zabalaza.

Another show that we’re particularly excited to see again is the hilarious Headline, which was hosted by Trevor Gumbi and Kuli Roberts. The two turned the industry on its head with their unapologetic interviews and highly entertaining hosting duties. If you have missed them as much as we have, watch all the episodes on ShowMax… You won’t regret it!

What’s the damage you ask? It’s R99p/m, which is really affordable. The catalogue is very extensive. If you don’t believe us, go and check it out at . You can start your free trial then.

We’re hooked already!

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