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What to expect on new season of ‘Forever Young’ , premieres January 2016


What to expect on new season of ‘Forever Young’ , premieres January 2016

As recently announced ‘Forever Young’ trio are making a return for brand new season in January 2016. Starring Thomas Gumede, Scoop Makhathini and Lungile Radu the show returns with crazier antics, wilder story lines and more theatrics from the famous trio.

This much-anticipated season sees ladies’ favourite Lungsta finally tie the knot, the friends embark on various overseas trips, and the team’s business interests expand fast.

Thomas Gumede gave a hint of what viewers can expect this time round, “I think the biggest change viewers will notice this season is how much each of us has grown. Lungsta is now a husband and dad, and we’re all now fully-fledged businessmen on a daily hustle, so those elements will come across very strongly throughout the season. We’ve been working non-stop on various projects, major acting roles, productions, I’ve won two SAFTAs, and am currently busy with a project in the US – all of which you’ll catch glimpses of in the show. So, on the whole this season will feature three very matured, ambitious young men, but with just as much fun and craziness as before.”

Look out for more mischief, humour, competitive streaks and international travel this season, as the infamous trio juggle love, work, friendship and a steadfast refusal to grow up. Forever Young will premiere on VUZU AMP (DStv channel 114) on Friday, 8 January at 19:00.

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