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DJ Sbu hits back at Sunday Sun for poor journalism


DJ Sbu hits back at Sunday Sun for poor journalism

Social Entrepreneur – DJ Sbu has hit back at Sunday’s publication; Sunday Sun for a not so true report they published. Sunday Sun reported that DJ Sbu has found a new girlfriend following his recent breakup with Disebo Makatsa.

The paper revealed that Sbu and the alleged new girlfriend – Boitumelo Mahlase were spotted at several occasions and have had the affair going for a while now. But that’s not it…DJ Sbu has slammed Sunday Sun for the report ,saying it’s a fabricated article. He further went on to say that he knows no Boitumelo Mahlase , never met her and does not date students; ‘I don’t know this young lady. I have never met or ever spoke to her in my life,’ Dj Sbu stated.

Later on the statement was backed up by a @Lindo_M who revealed that there was no girl spotted with Sbu and he does not own a private jet.

Below are both statements:

DJ SBU: @SundaySunSA I am very disappointed at your fabricated article about me & a sister I have never met. I don’t know this young lady. I have never met or ever spoke to her in my life. I have never been in a private jet in my life, I do not own one, nor can I afford one.
Your poor journalism destroys lives & inconveniences families on a weekly basis. I am a 36 year old grown man who runs an education foundation & does not date students. I respect & help students. I do not mind being accused of things I have done. But not lies I have nothing to do with. I am a very hard working man building a new start up company & a dedicated father.
We just helped raise about R50k for students together with dedicated artists & concerned SA Citizens, you didn’t bother to respond to any of our invites nor write anything posotive to contribute towards our good cause. You never spread any positive word about the wonderful work we continously do to empower our communities.
Your efforts to continously try & destroy my reputation with unfounded baseless stories full of lies & no facts are totally unfair. Not only to myself & my family but to families of the people you keep involving in all these lies.
I am utterly disgusted & appalled.

@lindo_m: If u still a fan of these tabloid Newspapers, let me tell u just how much crap they feed our people! – My company flew Sbu in, and I certainly don’t afford a private jet!
– I personally drove him to the school at KwaMashu that the article makes mention of. There was no girl in the car I was driving!
– I personally drove him to the event we had at Midmar View. In the car there was Nompendulo, Sbu and myself.
– I personally drove him back to his hotel in Dbn. Dropped him at 04h00am.
– I personally picked him up at 08h00pm and dropped him off at the airport as he was rushing to another speaking engagement in GP. He missed his flight, and when he got there he had to organise getting into another one.
– Where was this private jet?
– And more importantly, if @sbuleope was in my sight all the time, how did they get to sneak a girl past me?

The media will have us hating each other. Yesterday it was Zola, today it’s Sbu…tomorrow it’s me or you!
This needs to be stopped!

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