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Motswako rapper, HHP speaks out about attempting suicide 3 times in 2015


Motswako rapper, HHP speaks out about attempting suicide 3 times in 2015

Motswako rapper, Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP), real name Jabulani Tsambo, gave Gareth Cliff an update on his recent happenings including revealing the stunning details of attempted suicides and setting the record straight on his much-publicised relationship with Lerato Sengadi.

In the midst of discussing his new found frankness, the Motswako hitmaker attributed it to the lesson he learned after trying to attempt suicide three times in 2015. From not feeling true validation from the work that he was doing, HHP planned to end his life by joining a website to assist his death and poisoning himself with carbon monoxide in his car, and even using helium. After the failed tries, he heard a voice tell him “If you really want to die, you need to live”.

‘I was thinking while my policies (life insurance) are still active‚ let me just go out. Fifteen minutes in the car. Hose pope‚ whatever. I’m listening to Frank Ocean in the car. I’m thinking 15 minutes I should be done. An hour and a half later‚ nothing happens. I’m listening to the song on repeat now. I get out the car. It’s time to take the kids to school.’

On second attempt:
‘So now I’m thinking maybe because my car is a hybrid. Let me try with an old car. I get a friend of mine’s old car. I take the hosepipe from his car to mine. I try again. It doesn’t work.’

And final attempt
‘The last attempt‚ I’m fighting with my girlfriend or some shit. They tell me to try helium. I get the helium tank… I turn this thing on and I’m thinking ‘This is finally going to work’. The wifey has just gone to her friend’s house and by the time she gets back‚ I’ll be cold. The website says it should work in eight minutes and it’s an hour and 12 minutes later now‚ so I start cursing.’

You can listen to the full interview here.

SOURCE: CliffCentral

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