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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 delayed to late 2017


‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 delayed to late 2017

After it was confirmed that Game of Thrones is wrapping up their story in thirteen episodes using shortened seventh and eighth seasons, now news are the series is pushed back.

According to creators David Benioff and Dan Weis, Season 7 will not debut until later in 2017. “We don’t have an air date yet, but this year will probably be a little bit later,” the two expresse on UFC Unfiltered podcast.

They also went on to say that “We’re starting a bit later because at the end of this season, ‘Winter is here’ – and that means that sunny weather doesn’t really serve our purposes any more. So we kind of pushed everything down the line, so we could get some grim grey weather even in the sunnier places that we shoot.”

The upcoming two shorter seasons – season 7 will consist of 7 episodes, and season 8 with 6 episodes.

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