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Cassper & Pearl Thusi partner with Sanlam to urge South Africans to save Money


Cassper & Pearl Thusi partner with Sanlam to urge South Africans to save Money


After weeks of speculation and debate around why Cassper Nyovest, Mr CEO, and Pearl Thusi were suddenly mending their own clothes, Airbnb-ing their houses and getting roadside haircuts they have finally revealed that they are not broke – and they don’t want anyone else to be either!

In collab with the Sanlam Group for National Savings Month (July), their mutual goal is to set Mzansi on the road to their best possible lives – a future low on debilitating debt and high on savings (even if it is getting the last drop out of your tomato sauce bottle or squeezing your toothpaste tube for its last drop).

When the initiative dropped, it took only a few hours for the change in spending behaviour to grab the attention of the celebrities’ fans. Thousands started sharing how important saving is to them, with many thanking Cassper and Pearl for being open about how important it is to them.


Cassper Nyovest: needed no convincing to collaborate with the Sanlam Group. At his core, he is a man who believes that hard work and ‘doing it for yourself’ is the way to go. He owns some pretty flashy items now, but he worked for them. “Don’t be silly, trying to look rich if you aren’t. Be real. Be honest about your situation. If you are in debt, cut back on your lifestyle and get out of debt. It’s not just about now, and it’s not about what anyone else thinks of you. Make your life happen for yourself,” Nyovest said.


Pearl Thusi: remains a humble girl who has had her fair share of hard knocks and who believes strongly in setting up an amazing future for herself and her family. A lot of the ‘celebrity lifestyle’ she normally reflects to the public is for show. She is successful, but first and foremost she is a mother who is doing everything she does for her daughter, Thando.

Once again, Sanlam are using National Savings Month (July) to encourage South Africans to re-examine their complex relationships with money by taking a deeper look at the psychology behind their spending.

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