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Most important Money lessons we can learn from Cassper Nyovest


Most important Money lessons we can learn from Cassper Nyovest

For past few weeks ; Cassper Nyovest has been sharing ways one can save money through his social media platform.
Even though alot of people thought…Hmmm is he broke or what? Well that’s not the case. In collab with the Sanlam Group for National Savings Month (July), their mutual goal is to set Mzansi on the road to their best possible lives – a future low on debilitating debt and high on savings (even if it is getting the last drop out of your tomato sauce bottle or squeezing your toothpaste tube for its last drop).

Cassper Nyovest needed no convincing to collaborate with the Sanlam Group. At his core, he is a man who believes that hard work and ‘doing it for yourself’ is the way to go. He owns some pretty flashy items now, but he worked for them.

So what message was he driving through this campaign? Let’s have a look at 5 money-saving lessons he taught us:

1. Get value for your Money

When Cassper announced that he was shopping at Mr. Price, alot of us were amazed and thinking maybe he’s broke, but that’s not the case. Clothes are cheap and expensive at the same time. We have a wide range of fashion retailers who offer a different price tag on their clothes. Not forgetting…the mark-up of retail clothing is ridiculous and we all know it. Mr. Price is still the coolest clothing store. They move with fashion, style , appeal to everyone from kids to adults and offer good quality clothes at a very reasonable price. So why not get the value for your money? With a R1000 you can get two bags full of clothes at Mr. Price, while this might be different with other retailers. But this is not only Mr. Price , pick any retail that you feel offers the same, e.g H&M.



2. Get it done at half the price

On this case Cassper went to a street barber to get his clean cut at a good price. That’s a half price compared to going to a barber in Sandton at a classy and cool space. Most of the street barbers charge up to R30 for any clean cut, while barbershops can charge up to R200 for the same simple, clean cut. So imagine how much money you can save to support street barber around the corner.



3. Buy Second hand

Well we all enjoy ‘brand new’ but that comes at an expense. That’s why sometimes you should opt for second hand, either you buying equipment or accessories. The good thing about buying second hand is saving money, coz if it’s used the value is on the low. Better yet you can negotiate! If you’re buying a bunch of stuff from someone, often they will be willing to give a lower price for buying a lot. So why not?



4. Take care of your Money

Unless you have an unlimited supply, you have to worry about money. You will never know when rainy days will come. This could be approached in many ways;
– Save something from your income month to month
– Get rid of “luxuries” you don’t need
– Make and keep a budget; this is the first step to spending less and saving more
– Establish low cost suppliers for routine services and products



5. Buy in bulk to spend less

Cassper did reveal that Buying bulk = spending less when he had a packs of meat for a braai. Buying stuff in bulk helps you save more. Why pay R40 for one small box of cereal when you could buy four times more for R80?
Buying in bulk can pay off, either at a supermarket or wholesaler. For example, many local grocery stores ; your Checkers Hyper or Markro will offer discounts for buying in bulk. So if you have products that you buy more often, rather opt for buying them in bulk.



6. SAVE as much as you SPEND

‘Alot of young talent goes broke trying to look rich’ those are words from Cassper. Indeed this is true. With so much going on, the pressure on social media, peer pressure, life of competing with your pals to look cool…many young people end up spending alot of money on stuff they don’t need trying to impress and looking all fancy. This dries them clean and end up having nothing to save. So why not spend on what you can really afford, and still be able to have some rands to save up. Just like we explained on point no.1 .


So as much as Cassper is a multi-millionaire rapper, we all managed to learn alot from him. Feel free to leave your comment below; share some of the tips you use to save money.

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