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#YMZBae : Tshepang Mollison talks Fashion, Style & Her influence


#YMZBae : Tshepang Mollison talks Fashion, Style & Her influence


Still keepin’ it fresh, this week’s Bae is Tshepang Mollison aka Twiggy.

Now here we are talking about the cool kid who has so much influence in the culture from Fashion to the Online space. Twiggy is a social media Specialist/Strategist by profession and for fun she’s a blogger, photographer, taste maker, influencer and model.

She shares her views about the culture and her lifestyle on her popular blog – SleeplessInSoweto. Her involvement with various brands has scored her a massive following and fanbase. So we are so keen to know what makes her so cool and dominating in this space.

Here is our chit chat with Twiggy:

Twiggy in 3 words?
Done, Done. Done.


Who is that one person who influences you alot at the moment?
Riky Rick. He’s doing his own thing right now and isn’t checking for anyone else. I love that kinda attitude and have applied it to my everyday life with not being too concerned with what the other ladies in my field are doing.
Also, he’s influenced me to want Gucci EVERYTHING! LOL!


What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?
I have really bad social anxiety; I don’t function well without meds or people close to me around me at all times.




You’ve knocked good brands into your portfolio working on various campaigns. Which campaign remains the coolest till this day?
I did a really cool campaign for Levi’s, The We Are Original campaign. I had the most fun on set and being styled by the best, Boogy Maboi and just working with my close friend, Siya Beyile of The Threaded Man.
What I loved the most about the campaign was how the brand not only used Siya, Maitele and I to be at the forefront of the campaign but they also involved Joburg’s coolest and most stylish kids and gave them the platform to be really involved by styling themselves. Some of their portraits can be seen in-store. Amazing.


What is it like for you to be a feminine who’s dominating the space you’re in and slaying?
It’s quite incredible. I have been pushing this blogging thing for a while now so it’s amazing to finally see my hard work and dedication paying off. More than anything I am having fun! Nothing beats doing what you love and being paid for it and also getting to work with your friends some times. Blogging is literally just the beginning, there is so so much more than I want to do: modelling, tv, opening up my own creative agency and and and!

Dominating in this space also does get a bit intimidating and there’s lots of pressure that people are unaware of from family and also from young’ins who also want to do what I am doing. I feel like I am far from being a role model so it is hard at times to behave accordingly because I’m also young and make mistakes and tend to forget that there are people watching and kids that look up to me.


What’s your favourite fashion trend at the moment?
Denim! I use to hate wearing jeans like a few years ago but now I could rock jeans and denim everything, everyday.




All time favourite pair of sneakers?
Vans. They’ve definitely made a comeback now but I wore Vans growing up, I had a sick classic slip ons with cute flamingos all over, they were my fav to wear all the time, Vans are truly timeless.


Your fashion style is different from what we normally see in Joburg or Cape Town streets,; where do you get the inspiration?
My style is definitely influenced by both cities, I’ve lived in both so I’ve taken the laid back approach to my style from Cape Town and a lot of edge and chic from Joburg. I love wearing whatever’s comfortable, my mood and the weather dictates what I wear daily. I hate following trends, I feel like it’s too much effort and honestly, not every trend is for everybody.


What do you like to wear when you feel like not giving an ish & no one’s looking?
Pyjamas. I love being warm and comfy so I literally spend most of my time indoors in PJs or a boy’s sweater or t-shirt, anything stolen from an ex’s closet LOL.


As an influencer/blogger you’ve managed to build a career around social media, what do you think the future of social media holds?
Social media plays a crucial role in being a blogger and an influencer. I think it is still going to play a huge role for years to come. It’s instant and has brought us closer to everyone around the world, celebrities and personalities are more accessible. Information is shared so easily, quickly and freely, it’s made our lives better and will continue to assist in the growth of our careers. Without social media, 90% of my “fans” wouldn’t even know who the hell I am.




How do you deal with criticism on social media?
People tweet their minds and are free to put on a negative comment that can be hurtful
I haven’t really experienced much negativity, i’m not that much of a big deal yet for people to care that much. I’m still pretty normal, I don’t wish for that to change anytime soon. 🙂


Are you someone who puts almost everything out there online? And how do you decide what not/to share with your followers on social media?
I have a very bad habit of using Twitter as a virtual diary, literally if you want to know something about me, stalk me there. I share things that I feel girls (or guys) my age are also battling with; boy drama, current affairs, pop culture, bad service, cool things to do, that sort of thing.


Name 2 essentials that are always in everyday attire..
Lipstick and my RayBans. My everyday looks are incomplete without these two items.

You can connect with Twiggy on social media:

Instagram: twiggymoli
Twitter: @TwiggyMoli
Facebook: Sleepless in Soweto

Photography credit: Cedric Nzaka


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