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BlackBerry to stop making phones


BlackBerry to stop making phones


Sad news to the fans of BlackBerry. The company CEO – John Chen announced that they will no longer be designing smartphones.
This means, BlackBerry will no longer do any internal hardware development and will outsource. According to Chen, this means BlackBerry can “reduce capital requirements and enhance return on invested capital.”

BlackBerry posted a loss in the fiscal second quarter 2017 of $372 million, a huge difference from the $66 million loss it took in the fiscal second quarter of 2016, androidandme posted.

Further it was revealed that about 400,000 smartphones were sold in its second quarter, that’s a few compared to past three months.

The company will shift it’s entire focus on software, apps and security. We can predict that the rise of Android and iOS in the smartphone market maybe part of the cause. Major moves made by BlackBerry includes: Playbook tablet launch in 2011, BB10 operating system launch in 2013, and the major move in 2015 when the company launched their first Android-powered smartphone, Priv.


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