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Super cool Global Fashion brands you have to follow on Instagram


Super cool Global Fashion brands you have to follow on Instagram

Fashion still remains the heart of the pop culture, and we have to let you know of these super cool brands that are killing it right now in the scene.


The list is influenced by style, hype and relevancy on the current culture. Either it’s a 90s label or 2016 label, these labels remain consistent and appealing at the same time.
So, let us reintroduce you the following labels that are now back on the fashion scene , ofcoz some you’re are familiar with:




A heat from the back! You cannot say you do not know Ellesse which scored popularity back in the nineties. The Brand Personality of ellesse is friendly and flirtatious, never taking things too seriously. Ellesse is always at the heart of the party. They love colour, they love vibrancy and they believe in living for the moment.
Ellesse Heritage is aimed at a younger, more fashion conscious consumer. The heritage consumers are trendsetters, not followers.





Levi’s has been here fro ages. And most of us know the brand because of it’s popular denim tradition. Levi’s jeans have are a classic and have been here for ages especially the famous 501 Original jean, and it goes all way now to range of jeans, shirts and jackets.





Off White


Off White is another banger for today’s generation. We have noticed that all their products are based on concepts that adapts from season to season. So if you’re fashionable and move with time, this is the one for you.




Daily Paper

Another unique brand has to be Daily Paper! Clean, simple and bold, the label started in 2010, from Amsterdam. Inspired by the founder’s own African heritage and passion for contemporary fashion an alternative path has been found, turning Daily Paper into a well-respected creator of authentic ready-to-wear garments






Now Supreme has to be an all time long classic. We cannot even explain how long the brand has remained relevant with just being simple, red ofcoz and hooking up some icy collaborations. Supreme still remains popular known most for playing an integral part in its constant regeneration. Skaters, punks, hip-hop heads – the young counter culture at large – all gravitated towards Supreme.






Patta is a simplified brand, delivering clean merchandise, with unique and bold designs. And their story is just crazy. The brand started as a store stocking footwear brands like Nike, adidas, Converse etc. but…they then decided to do simple tshirts with their own logo to give out to friends, family and loyal customers. As demand was higher than expected, more were made and eventually evolved into an in-house brand. Starting out small with a capsule in the summer of 2011 available at five retailers worldwide, the collection has grown exponentially in size, quality and availability with 15 retailers stocking the brand.





Another cool and absolutely my favourite – Stüssy is just out of this world, as simple and crazy as it looks. They offer a wide range of collection from clean casual, streetwear and sporty apparel. Stüssy’s roots begin in California, but it wasn’t until their first store opened in 1990 in New York that people began to notice the brand’s impact on style and youth culture.






Using traditional Xhosa beadwork motifs and patterns, MaXhosa celebrates the rich heritage of the Xhosa culture through providing traditional clothing for Xhosa initiation rituals.
The brand is founded by Laduma Ngxokolo ; a young South African designer who incorporates his own Xhosa culture into his knitwear designs. Laduma started MaXhosa in early 2011 and has since continued to captivate audiences both locally and internationally. His main objective is to capture his culture in his knitwear to maintain his heritage that he finds is dying out. Laduma uses locally sourced textiles like Mohair and uses the patterns found in traditional African beadwork as his inspiration. Recently Laduma has branched out to include patterned rugs, cushions and blankets.






Known best for it’s premium, luxurious and classy sneakers, the brand was started by Jon Buscemi an American fashion designer. Their sneakers are popular for being exclusive, rare and ofcoz too pricey.




Comme des Garcons


Comme des is a well done label, from just the logo to the presentation of their range. The brand is for those who love that classy touch, still falls onto casual with a neat and bold look. it is famous for it’s PLAY range of tshirts, shirts, jerseys and jackets.



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