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INTERVIEW: Fifi Cooper talks new single & journey as female Hip Hop artist


INTERVIEW: Fifi Cooper talks new single & journey as female Hip Hop artist


Yo’ peeps…we cannot avoid the presence and domination of Fifi Cooper..Well I caught up with her to chat about her new single, winning a SATMA and the music journey at this current moment.

She has done it again at the 2016 11th Annual SATMA Awards having scored two nominations in the Best New Comer and the Best Vernacular Hip Hop Song category. Out of the two categories she scored herself an award in the Best Vernacular Hip Hop Song category the beating the likes of Nadia Nakai and Patty Monroe.

What are some of the challenges you face as female entertainer?
The challenges I face as a female entertainer is that I have to work twice as hard compared to a male entertainer as I have to continuously prove to my fellow entertainers that I’m fit to be here.

…Female Hip Hop artist?
90% of the people in the hip hop genre are guys and like I said I have to work twice as hard as a female artist but most importantly as a female artist I can’t mix business and pleasure. I have to be sticky business.

What was the motivation being the track titled Phambili?

I’ve been in studio recording my second album and after I dropped the single ‘Kuze kuse’ I just wanted to remind people that I’m still here and I’m still the First lady of Motswako and Hip hop.

Out of the female entertainer, whose work ethics do you admire?
Bonang Matheba, we are Tswana girls and we come from the same province. She was the one who motivated me to rap in my language and be proud of who I am. She is a Tswana girl who proves to me that dreams do come true. She’s been representing and keeps representing us Tswana girls.

Do you feel like being a female rapper is more accepted now?
Yes. We are getting just as much attention as the male rappers. Female rappers can now get nominated for the Metros, SAMAs and SATMAs. We can get 500000 followers on social media platform and 1 million views on views

Do you rap for women?

I rap for everyone! I rap for Africa as a whole. I know that not everyone understands what
I’m saying. If trap is the “in thing” I will try and incorporate it with motswako music so that my fans can get that English nyana but in a nutshell I rap for everyone

11th Annual SATMA awards, Best vernacular hip hop song, tell us about the emotions that went through your mind announcement was mind?
Yoh, it was a shock so me, I really didn’t expect it but I was praying and hoping. I must say deep down I was confident but I know the Fifination supports me when I need them the most.


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