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INTERVIEW: Panache Boyz on new music, the culture & growing their brand


INTERVIEW: Panache Boyz on new music, the culture & growing their brand


Panache Boyz is the new, fresh house music duo consisting of DJ MlaMza and DJ Mzu.
Although recently merging to start Panache Entertainment, respectively, these DJs have been in the entertainment scene for some time on their individual capacities as Club DJs, Radio DJs & Event Organisers.

The Panache Boyz, now a fluent DJ duo, renowned for their enchanting tasteful sets, enjoyed for their track selection and wildly celebrated for their mixing skills have ventured into making music. They’re known for their previous major singles; Dreamer, Shooting Stars including their recent release ‘Abahle’ which features Durban-gifted – BHar. We caught up with the duo to chat new music, the culture and growing their brand further.

Here is what they had to say:

You just released your summer anthem Abahle with BHar, what’s the idea behind the song?
The idea behind Abahle was to create a fun, festive, catchy; fresh Durban Kwaito song with a touch of panache


Why did you specifically choose BHar on this collabo & How did the collabo happen?
Durban Kwaito Music (DKM) has naturally dominated our uptempo DJ sets and we wanted to extend this sound from our DJ sets to our our own music with a style and interpretation of our own.
After honing the idea of the song for sometime, we started looking for someone to write the lyrics and execute the vocals – with his illustrious DKM track record; Bhar was automatically top of our minds.
We presented the idea to Bhar and he was keen to collaborate and immediately excited by the sound we wanted to go with which he founded unique and fresh.
On the scheduled studio session with Bhar; (one of the most fun studio sessions we’ve had because of his character) he heard the beat for the first time, wrote all the lyrics on the spot and we recorded different vocal layers and laced them to the beat.


With such successful single releases (Dreamer, Shooting Stars) so far, does this mean we can expect an album/EP soon?
We are always working on new music to keep abreast of the music trends while balancing dropping the new songs at the right time. There is definitely more new music coming in the next year.




Who are some of the artists/Djs you definitely want to work with on your upcoming project?
We like working with undiscovered talent. We have 12 songs that we’ve done with undiscovered super talented vocalists and we’re always on the look out.
On most our songs; we’ve worked with a talented producer and sound engineer “Aliphatik”; we would like to continue working with him on our upcoming music as we share the same music chemistry.
Besides undiscovered talent, we’ve always been Big Nuz fans, we’d love a collaboration with Big Nuz.



How do you describe you type of sound?
Our sound is “Panache” Music – we do mellow to uptempo music with to cover a wide scope of urban dance music tastes with our distinct “panache” touch on the melodies.
Abahle is a perfect example of a Durban Kwaito Music (DKM) song with a touch of panache.


There’s much talk that Hip Hop has dominated the music scene , leaving no space for House Music? Do you see the picture that way? Does house music still has a huge market/audience like 5/10 years ago?
No, we don’t see the picture at all as Hip-Hop dominating House Music.
Local Hip Hop, pushed by the global influence of the Hip Hop culture has recently emerged strong from underground to take it’s rightful space.
On the commercial scene where House Music has been for a while, both (House & Hip-Hop) genres co-exist on the commercial space.


Yes, House Music still has a huge market and continues to be the highest selling urban music genre after Gospel & Traditional Music.
The music sales market is not the same as 5/10 years ago for all music genres since the way the audience consumes music has changed.
The numbers for all established music genres (except the new or emerging genres) would be lower than 5/10 years ago.


Can we see Panache Boyz doing a Hip Hop jam anytime soon?
We already do infuse some Hip Hop influences to our music, our single “Shooting Stars” has some Hip Hop elements and we also infuse some Hip Hop into our DJing sets.
A Hip hop joint from Panache Boyz isn’t not currently in a pipeline for now but we have been experimenting with a few Panache Boyz Hip Hop remixes that we might drop once we feel confident on that sound.


The digital space is growing massively; do you think this has good or bad impact on music sales ?
The digital space is great advancement to the music industry; it creates a new cheaper platform and revenue stream for artists to showcase their music as well as a convenient platform for consumers to access music.




Would you say social media has made it easy for you guys to grow your fanbase and get your music out there ‘easier’?
Although traditional music platforms (radio, tv, press, etc) still dominate; indeed social media has made it easier for the artists to connect and interact in real time with music consumer. The music now reaches the targeted audience a lot faster, cheaper and easier.


Where do you want to take PanacheBoyz brand in next few years?
We want to strengthen the presence of the Panache Boyz music brand in the market while we extend to other entertainment platforms such as events and diversify to other business ventures.


It’s few weeks before 2017…What should your fans expect from you guys in 2017?
2 things we want to focus on for the first half of the year:
– New Music
– Panache Events


CONNECT WITH Panache Boyz:

Twitter: @PanacheBoyz
Facebook: Panache Boyz
Instagram: @mla_panache and @djmzu
Bookings: [email protected] ☎️ (083)7178155


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