NEW COOL: Mark Zuckerberg created his own Virtual Assistant with Morgan Freeman’s Voice


Facebook CEO and Billionaire – Mark Zuckerberg has just made his home such a cool place to be. Zuckerberg has built an impressive artificial intelligence assistance named ‘Jarvis’ which helps to manage his household duties from adjusting room temperature, turn off lights, toasting bread and hopes in future it will make him popcorns. And he has been building this for about a year. More interesting, he got Morgan Freeman to be the voice of AI.

“My goal was to learn about the state of artificial intelligence , where we’re further along than people realize and where we’re still a long ways off,” Zuckerberg posted on Facebook.

“These challenges always lead me to learn more than I expected, and this one also gave me a better sense of all the internal technology Facebook engineers get to use, as well as a thorough overview of home automation.”

Well below is the video that demonstrates how it all works:


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