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LISTEN: AKA previews 2 Unreleased songs on his web-series


LISTEN: AKA previews 2 Unreleased songs on his web-series


Yea we know you still hooked on AKA’s ‘The World is Yours’ and his latest collabo with ANATII ’10 Fingers’….
But it gets more interesting. Just days ago The SupaMega released 2 episodes of his new web-series ‘Life on the Road’ and he just put on some new and released music on those episodes.
The first song which he’s vibing to with DJ Tira, previews a very jolly, groovy sound which definitely makes it a sing-along jam due to easy approach on the lyrics. This same song takes it back to same vibe on his recent single ‘One Time’.

The second song which is a laid-back and chilled jam is with ANATII , which we will for now assume it’s another upcoming collabo. Without doubt you can tell the lyrical content is on another level after hearing that ‘Nigga dipping in a Rover, seats the color of Mshoza…’ line.

Well if AKA is going to put these two songs on his upcoming studio-album, then be ready to accept a very classic album from the SupaMega.

Below are just sneak peaks of the two songs:




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