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INTERVIEW: Nothende talks her music journey, collaborations & latest project


INTERVIEW: Nothende talks her music journey, collaborations & latest project


Singer-songwriter and businesswoman born in the streets of in Mafikeng and then moving to Gauteng, Nothende Madumo who was launch into the industry by her hit single OOH which was the sound track of Gazlam 2 produced by one of South Africa’s veteran producer’s, Kaybee.

Nothende, the hopeful who entered singing talent shows like Pop Stars and Idols has been topping the charts since the early 2000s. Known for being a collaboration queen, Nothende has worked with various artists from the likes of Khuli Chana and Proverb gathering a huge collection of more than 40 songs. Having reached number one spot both on Metro and Yfm – Nothendes career kept on climbing sky high with songs on high rotation both locally and internationally which saw her once more partner with Kabomo on creating a song titled Colours which featured Khosi Nkosi YDE model hopefuls on the music video.

Nothende, like many artists has had it hard in her path having been somewhat defrauded by Soul Candi on her contributions to Lulo Cafes song titled “I wanna Love you”. Last year Nothende was quoted in a public rant saying “6 years later and I still don’t understand why the people from Soul Candi (& affiliated parties) have not paid me a single cent for the international sale of “I wanna love you.” Not a single cent. But the song is on so many compilations across the globe, for sale. That means SOMEBODY is making money from all those international remixes.”

I got to chat to Nothende to find out who exactly is this lady with such a velvet smooth voice.

Describe Nothende in 3 words
Nothende is creative, fun and sensitive.


Since you are known as a collaboration queen, what are you views on collaborations, since the ordeal with Lulo café; do they work or not?
Look every decision I take is influenced by my experiences from my past. I’m not doing as many collaboration as I used to do before but that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to them. I still get a lot of requests to do them but one of the reasons why I don’t do a lot of collaboration now is that I don’t feel challenged musically, I’m looking at elevating my career, I want to be challenged musically.


Which single are you currently promoting?
I’m not promoting a particular song but I have put two tracks one titled Dumela the other Surrender. Currently I’m introducing people to the BRAVE HEART EXPERIENCE.



The brave heart experience is an experience behind the Brave Heart which is the title of my next album, I didn’t want to call it the Brave Heart tour but an experience because I want people to connect to my music to the energy, I mean music is spiritual. I don’t want people to be over there and me there I want them to be around me and connect with me. Every full moon and have a tour basically something will happen every full moon. We’ll also sell merchandise not just t-shirts and caps but also fine crystal jewellery. I have uploaded some snips of the experience on my Instagram page @nothende


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