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Chicken and Waffles – That is all


Chicken and Waffles – That is all

I think one of the most important things that a self proclaimed foodie needs to have, is the guts to try all the famous food combos in the world, and this my fellow foodies, is the next best thing since bacon and pancakes.

Sweet and savories work so well together it’s frightening, and this might just be the best type of sweet and savoury combo. The waffle almost feels like it’s serving as the roll to the chicken, but it’s a sweeter,  crunchier, better version tasting carb. It really is the greatest. I obviously have to give a shout out to the place that made it Craft, if wouldn’t taste that great if it wasn’t prepared by a great restaurant! Craft is a really popular restaurant in Joho, and rightly so. It’s a good place to find catch any form of good meal that you’re looking for, followed with the guaranteed good vibe. The food is a bit pricy, so it’s one of those restaurants you go to at the beginning of the month. It has a very relaxed/festive kinda vibe, great for Saturday evenings. It isn’t the biggest restaurant, so even within those festivities there’s still a lot of intimacy.

I would come here with any legal person that can enjoy a beverage while accompanied with a great meal. It’s got quite a mature vibe to it, so definitely for the young professionals and working up.I would also come for strictly social occasions, and the ones that allow for the loud noise, because I came for a catch up lunch with a friend, and the loudness was killing our conversations, so it’s definitely something you come to when you know you’re going to be just as loud.

Chicken and waffles at Craft, definitely a vibe

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