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INTERVIEW: J’Something on opening his own restaurant ‘Something’s Cooking by J’


INTERVIEW: J’Something on opening his own restaurant ‘Something’s Cooking by J’


Known for his sensational work in the music biz as part of award-winning trio – Mi casa, J’Something is also a master in the kitchen as a chef.
As he has proved his love for cooking with a number of TV shows and appearances at cooking shows + festivals. Well if you thought that was the end of it…think twice. J’ is set to open his own restaurant ‘Something’s Cooking by J’ at Sun International’s new property in Menlyn called Time Square.

J’Something revealed he aims to create a memorable experience for everyone,friends, and family.
”Something’s Cooking by J’ is a home away from home. Its a non pretentious, quality
experience. Although the food itself doesn’t have a specific theme as per say, much like my
music, it is honest food. It is flavour filled food. It is food cooked with love. These are recipes I
myself created and served countless times in my home.

There is a mixture between my Portuguese roots, my South African upbringing, and my latest
obsessions such as Japanese cuisine and healthy alternatives.”


Here’s a chat we had with him about ‘Something’s Cooking by J’:



When will the restaurant it launch/open?
31 March 2017


Where will it be based?
Sun International Time Square, Menlyn, Pretoria


What are some of the signature meals to be on the menu?

– Pork Belly Ramen
My obsession, and a meal you have to eat as if nobody is watching. And yes there is crackling. By the way if I’m around I’m probably eating this. A delicious bowl of broth with fresh noodles and a slice of slow cooked pork belly with fresh scallions, ginger, chilli, kale, and a soft boiled egg. A dish I co created with Angelo Scirocco.


– Mom’s Prawns
One thing you have to try when you are here. Just trust me on this one. How my mother prepares this is with some olive oil, garlic, lemon juice.


– The Afroguese
Milk tart meet Arroz Doce. Arroz Doce meet Milk Tart.
Will J’Something be involved in some of day to day serving customers, preparing meals?
J’Something has created the menus and hired a head chef who will see his vision through. He will most definitely be a part of the day to day operations in between his music commitment.



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