NEW COOL: You can enjoy interactive entertainment while on your Uber trip


You can say goodbye to the days of getting bored while on an Uber trip or just stuck in traffic.
Uber now brings you some cool interactive entertainment to keep you busy and informed. This is all thanks to a new start-up from Cape Town, Hubble, who partnered with Uber to entertain Uber riders.

Hubble offers brands the unique opportunity to tap into a captive audience, with new interactive touchscreens being installed into selected driver-partner vehicles. The screens showcase the best the city has to offer and provides passengers with information and entertainment options including news, local comedy such as Suzelle DIY minisodes, and local music talent from Jimmy Nevis and Khuli Chana.

During December 2016, Hubble launched in Johannesburg and will continue to roll out screens across South Africa during 2017.


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