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App Review: Bushiri Buzz – New & Simplified messaging App


App Review: Bushiri Buzz – New & Simplified messaging App

With so much wide range of social media platforms and apps, it has become so necessary to only use / download those you find efficient.
And that’s why we are so excited to share with you ‘Bushiri Buzz,’ a very simplified messaging app. Bushiri Buzz is a messaging app for android and iOS that connects you with friends and family world wide. The app was founded by Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and designed by PSB partners in Turkey.

It’s a wonderful demonstration of connecting people with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and your loved ones. It has an amazing elastic user interface, its very fast and easy to use, But how does it stack-up against the best: WhatsApp and Wechat, OK? lets dig in, this is how….

Bushiri Buzz is a Christian community app, that’s a clear distinction from the rest, its meant for the Christian community by the Christian community to connect Christians.

It serves merely the same features as the rest but with more depth, it has Free instant Messaging, Voice Calls, Video Calls, Group Chatting, File Sharing And (you guessed it) a Prophetic Channel Live TV of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

Bushiri Buzz is a Slick App to add to your App arsenal, with over 1,964 android downloads and a 4.7 app review from 1,658 5 stars android downloaders, it defiantly packs a punch.




Ok, how do you get hold of it: (don’t worry, i got you). its easy and fairly simple.

1) head over to your App Store, i’ll be using iOS but the procedures are the same.

2) in the App store on Search, search for “Bushiri Buzz”

3) Now Download the App,

4) Open The App, on the welcome screen press “Continue”

5) Enter your phone number and wait for the verification SMS

6) afterwards you should be on the Registration screen, choose your profile picture and Username

7) That’s it!, invite your friends and start chatting.

but I have say, the App is really fast, responsive and pretty new to the mind. So what are the

Encrypted messaging, instant Messaging, Voice Calls, Video Calls, Group Chatting, File Sharing and Live TV.


App Size.

Bushiri Buzz, is Bushiri Buzz, they is nothing to compare it too, its a cross-platform text messaging alternative, lets you text and talk using your data plan. But it’s starting to feel inelegant in the face of rising competition.


What do you think about this app? Drop your comments below & Join the conversation , even on our Twitter or Facebook :



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