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#YMZBae : Mbali Cherry on fantasies, interests & the world out there


#YMZBae : Mbali Cherry on fantasies, interests & the world out there


We recently caught up with the saucy, SA-based model/entrepreneur – Mbali Cherry Graham.

Besides her sexy personality, travelling the world, reading a book in front of a great ocean view and bubbly presence on social media we’re keen to find out what she fantasises about, her interests and the world out there. Well here is our chat with Mbali Cherry as our #YMZBae :


Cherry in 3 words
‘Cherry. God-fearing, strength, grace.


What is your fantasy?
‘Cherry. Wow, 😅 anything that involves palm trees, sand, salt water, sun, a man who’s absolutely head over heels in love with me and getting to enjoy all my favorite food without getting fat for the rest of my life as well as a bank account that never runs out of money surely counts as a fantasy!


Fav genre of music?
‘Cherry. I’m really a hippie at heart so alternative music, soul music and anything else that hippes are likely to enjoy is my genre of preference. I don’t discriminate though, so hip hop, RnB, trap, gospel, and anything that sounds good I listen to.


Your definition of sexy…
‘Cherry. This is hard because I feel like we fight society’s definition of sexy everyday of our lives so the lines become a little blurred from time to time but I think I could confidently say that my definition of sexy would be to the ability to back up good looks and all that jazz on the gram with a good head between your shoulders. Nothing more sexy than a man or woman with a mind as beautiful as their face or whatever else people look at these days!




Besides the HOT booty, Why do you think guys are going nuts about you?
‘Cherry. Lol, I had no idea I had guys going nuts over me! Lmao, please show me where they are so I can frequent there 😂 but honestly I think it’d have to be my mind. Which takes me back to my answer to your previous question. I think once some guys get to know me and realize that I actually have a brain up there they tend to be a little more attracted to me than they were before. And some guys just feel intimated. It depends what type of guy you are so different strokes you know..


What do you like to wear when you don’t give a rats a$@ lol?
‘Cherry. If I HAVE to be in the streets I’ll usually go for something easy like denim, it’s so effortless and it makes it look like you’ve done the most to look good when really you just grabbed it on your way out and if I’m indoors I’m really just an oversized T’ and pyjama shorts type girl. I lowkey hate dressing up cause it’s really one of the hardest things to do as a female so if it was up to me we’d all just go back to the day of Adam and Eve and walk around in our birthday suits! Easy living 😂




Negative aspects of social media?
‘Cherry. This has to be the unnecessary pressure to always look good and appear to be better than the next person or compete with the world and the desperate need for validation from absolute strangers who honestly couldn’t be bothered about you. It’s tragic, we live in a world where likes can easily determine a person’s relevance or irrelevance. When did it come to that?!


Advice you’d give to your younger self?
‘Cherry. Let go and Let God honestly.


The one thing you wish people knew about you?
‘Cherry. 😂 I’m really so shy! Don’t believe the hype!


Dinner with anyone, dead or alive?
‘Cherry. Can I name 3 people? 😩 Lol, Jesus- definitely! Man I have so many questions for my nigga! Secondly would be Marilyn Monroe and last would be Michelle Obama.


Top 3 deal breakers when it comes to guys?
‘Cherry. Sheeew…haha,
– multiple kids with more than one woman (clearly you have commitment issues so hey)
– lying, I know we all lie every now and then but I won’t tolerate somebody who repeatedly lied after being given a platform to be honest
– living with and off your parents after the ripe age of 23, I’m clearly dating a highschool kid so it really couldn’t work, basically.. a lack of ambition you know.



A brand you’ll never get bored of?
‘Cherry. I’m personally not too big on brands, I mean, I buy name products and items but I’m not exactly brandname-driven if that’s even a real term, lol but one brand that stands out for constantly re-inventing itself with the times has to be Nike. It’s a classic.


Connect with Cherry on:

Instagram: @cherrified_
Twitter: @Cherry01_


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