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The Beans have been Spilled : Why artists are leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment


The Beans have been Spilled : Why artists are leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment


Just yesterday, local music industry got the biggest shock when 3 major artists announced their exit from Ambitiouz Entertainment.
B3nchmarq, Fifi Cooper and A-Reece announced yesterday, that they have parted ways with the label. And as expected, this raised a lot of questions on what the heck is going on at Ambitiouz camp. As posted yesterday, we got word from the street that this is a pinch between the stable and artists, who are not happy with their benefits and being excluded on bookings.

Well, this scenario just got juicier….
Publicist, Gastor Serumula took it to twitter to reveal some of the inside-issues cooking at Ambitiouz. Going through a series of tweets by Gastor , we see a touch on; unfair treatment of artists, corruption, buying of awards, earnings, booking fees and more.

This also includes a series of tweets from half member of B3nchmarq – Tkay who revealed there’s some screengrabs and recording which needs to be in public; ‘Guys can we please drop the screengrabs and that recording please. That shit is gonna end that company.’

Well take 20 min of your time, here are the tweets:





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