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Things to do in Melville, on a Wednesday.


Things to do in Melville, on a Wednesday.

I’ve always been the biggest fan of Melville, I believe that it is the best foodie area in Johannesburg. It’s vibrant, versatile, diverse & welcoming. A glimpse of what South Africa as a whole should be made of.  Then you get 27 boxes, which is where i NOW believe the belly of Melville lies. It conceptualizes the true ethos through a number of large containers- adding to the uniqueness of the structure. All of which guarantees one a spectacular authentic experience…

I recently discovered the most perfect spot for date night, with your girlfriend, your best friend, your mother or even of your blind date. The 27 Boxes Market Night. It’s one of the most underrated events in Johannesburg, and should be sitting right at the top with your farmers market.
Which brings me to the point of this blog post. The guaranteed feel good vibe allows you to bring anyone along, be it your; partner, best friend and or parent. The Boxes has foundation to perfect evening and in some cases a mid-week special, for anything one is looking for be it to stuff your face with amazing food, drink your hearts content or to go on a timeless journey.

In order to fully enjoy the boxes you have to go a number of times to allow yourself to fully engage in each of the tenants who make such a culture. Each tenant having their own unique journey and code- adding to the “Hey! Come in- let’s chat,” approach/vibe. Due to this, it makes it impossible to go once and enjoy  the components that make up the Boxes.

Another standout aspect of the organization is that the people who conduct the boxes have the same values as the tenants, portraying a sense of family, a genuine feel of togetherness and huge degree of respect for one another and their respective journeys- which to me is the reason to why Melville is regarded as the gem that is today- the respect and appreciation of each others diversity.

So step out the conventional way of eating out and participant in the journey of 27 Boxes reaching new heights.
Get yourself a glass of your preferred beverage and take journey by walking into each little box and having a real conversation with the people who make up this Gem, you’ll sure see me there doing the same thing for now until many moons to come.

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