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#YMZBae: Tshepi Vundla – style, work, and her views about social media


#YMZBae: Tshepi Vundla – style, work, and her views about social media


Fashion stylist, Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Consultant are what she’s known for, meet #YMZBae for this week – Tshepi Vundla.
You will notice this beauty from a number of magazines, commercials, and campaigns. And if you check out her Twitter and Instagram it will give you a step closer to her personality and desires. To get more juicy details, we had a chat with her to find out more about her style, work, and her views about social media.

Here is our chat with Tshepi:

Tshepi in 3 words?
Loving, shy & fun
Who is that one person who influences you alot at the moment?
Rihanna, from her attitude, her choice of hairstyle to how she styles her outfits. I am obsessed.
What’s one thing you wish people knew about you?
That I’m literally the nicest person ever & that I’m not stuck up as people assume I am.

You’ve knocked good brands into your portfolio working on various campaigns. Which campaign remains the coolest till this day?
I’m super pleased with all the brands I’ve worked with, I only accept jobs that truly speak to me, my brand & the people that follow me. The coolest brand I’ve worked with is Woolworths for 3 years straight because I literally grew up wearing Woolworths & is part of my daily life with my family.


And so it begins this week… 📸: @accordingtojerri

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What is it like for you to be a feminine who’s dominating the space you’re in and slaying?
I haven’t thought about it but there are so many of us in my space but I guess the difference with me is that I’m not the same like them since there is there same pattern (vibe) with them.
What’s your favourite fashion trend at the moment?
Favourite trend right now is Perspex heels when correctly styled.
All time favourite pair of sneakers?
All Star in White
Would you say Tshepi has her own fashion style?
Yes, depending on my mood & where I’m going. Sometimes I’m super simple in jeans, a blouse & heels or I’m sexy in short shorts, thigh high boots & a bodysuit or I’m super relaxed in a dress & sneakers

What do you like to wear when you feel like not giving an ish & no one’s looking?
LOL. I love wearing my boxer shorts with a t-shirt & my sliders.
As an influencer/stylist you’ve managed to build a career around social media, what do you think the future of social media holds?
Social Media is the business especially when images are being used. It’s so much easier to tell a story through imagery because of the world we live in but who I’ve always kept in mind that Social Media could die any day & that I need to be able to continue doing what I love without it.



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How do you deal with criticism on social media?
People tweet their minds and are free to put on a negative comment that can be hurtful
It can be super hurtful especially when lies are being tweeted about me but I do try my best not to pay attention to it or respond to the negative things. I just think about myself & work. I find comfort that my people & brands know the person I am.

Are you someone who puts almost everything out there online? And how do you decide what not/to share with your followers on social media?
Yes I am from my family, my belongings, clothes/wardrobe & I sneak in Bae here & there but only his voice lol. I don’t mind sharing everything since people want to know what I do, get up & why I am the way I am but I am aware of not sharing too much information where I could myself & loved ones at risk. Also being super aware of putting my entire relationship out there again. People find the need to involve themselves in it but I am enjoying keeping my person now a little secret.
Name 2 essentials that are always in everyday attire
Good pair of lingerie & a handbag/clutch


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