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The internet is going mad about this Pepsi ad


The internet is going mad about this Pepsi ad


Pepsi’s latest commercial which features Kendall Jenner caused so much backlash and even numerous local industry insiders were disappointed.
The ad captures Jenner doing a photoshoot session then later joins a group of protestors. As he faces a stoic police officer, she then lightens the situation by offering him a can of Pepsi which results into the officer sharing a smile.

As CNN states; The imagery was also thought by some to be far too similar to photos of Ieshia Evans, a protester who was detained by law enforcement while protesting in Baton Rouge following the shooting death of Alton Sterling at the hands of police.

But what do local peeps had to say?

“Another issue with the Pepsi ad is that the brand has no credibility or proven track record tackling social issues. Unlike Coca-Cola,” said Khaya Dlanga.


K Naomi went on to say “Advertising can either be good/just bad! I don’t think #Pepsi had bad intentions, their execution was just not thought through properly.”


Maps Maponyane also commented; “All that Pepsi commercial needed was a music change to ‘Kumbaya’ when Kendall handed over that genius peace offering to the police officer.”


“The Pepsi ad is a lesson for brands to consider all possible interpretations before releasing to the public” Lulo cafe said.

And crazy reactions from Twitter..




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